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Awarded in the fields of
• construction and planning law
• real estate law
• energy and environmental law
• inheritance and estate law

Far and wide

Specialist in planning and construction, real estate and the environment.

Since 1987 we have been specialising in public and private construction law, planning law, real estate law, procurement law, compulsory purchase law and environmental law. Hofstetter Advokatur & Notariat AG, Certified Specialists SBA Construction and Real Estate Law, advises and acts for clients on the following:

Construction law

  • Building permits (objection and appeal proceedings, legal proceedings)
  • Construction outside construction zones
  • Editing of rules on construction and zone planning for local authorities
  • Advice for cantons on changes in the planning and construction laws

Planning law

  • Local planning, total reviews, rezoning
  • Legal advice on and assistance with local planning
  • Special use planning procedures (development plans, design plans, neighbourhood plans)
  • Special plans e.g. for gravel extraction and waste disposal sites, golf courses and other leisure facilities, roads, rail, shopping centres, airports and airfields
  • Hazard zones
  • Compensation for value added
  • Development of building land

Spatial and project development

  • Advice on and assistance with site and project developments (clusters, infrastructure buildings, major developments, projects of national and international companies)

Law on compulsory purchase

  • Material and formal compulsory purchase under cantonal and federal compulsory purchase law (objection proceedings, legal proceedings, proceedings conducted before Compulsory Purchase Commissions) in particular relating to cantonal, municipal and national highways, the Swiss Federal Railways, infrastructure buildings and other federal structures

Environmental protection law

  • Noise levels, Clean Air Act, existing polluted sites
  • Pipeline systems, accident prevention
  • Environmental impact assessment

Law on the protection of forests and waterways

  • Forest projects, clearances, permits
  • Flood protection, groundwater protection zones

Nature and homeland conservation law, as well as the law on the preservation of historic monuments

Environmental Criminal Law, Construction Criminal Law

Reports and expert opinions, involvement in courts of arbitration