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Awarded in the fields of
• construction and planning law
• real estate law
• energy and environmental law
• inheritance and estate law

Far and wide

Public authentications

Bespoke public deeds: Our notary's office offers the following notarial operations and ancillary services. By arrangement, notarisation appointments are also possible at off-peak hours or on Saturdays.

Notarisation fees are charged in accordance with the Notarisation Fees Ordinance of the Canton of Lucerne (price list).

Real Estate Law

  • Transfer of land ownership by purchase, donation, exchange
  • Contracts on pre-emption, purchase and repurchase and preliminary agreements
  • Division of property and consolidation of parcels of land
  • Establishment of co-ownership including regulations and establishment of condominium ownership including rules governing administration and use
  • Easement agreements (Contracts on buildings rights, usufructs and rights of residence, boundaries-buildingrights, rights of way, on pipes, cables and conduits for water, gas, electricity, on sourcing rights) and agreements on real burdens
  • Pledge agreements (mortgage, register mortgage certificates and mortgage certificates on paper)
  • Applications for annulment of charges on property (applicable annulment procedure)
  • Land register law
  • Neighbour law
  • Real estate transactions (structuring and transfer of property portfolios)
  • Applications for approval of agricultural land purchases (BGBB)
  • Applications for approval of property purchases by persons outside Switzerland (Lex Koller)
  • Profit-sharing right, leasehold law
  • Formation of public limited companies for agricultural businesses
  • Contracts for purchase and for work and services (Contractor Agreements and Constortium agreements, meaning agreements between construction companies and joint venture groups)
  • Rental contracts and their entry in the land register

Inheritance Law

  • Estate Planning including company succession and residence planning (national and international)
  • Contracts of inheritance, renunciation agreements, contracts regarding compensation in lieu of a future inheritance and last wills
  • Contracts of division of estates
  • Execution of wills
  • Advanced care directives and patient's provisions
  • Execution of wills and contracts of inheritance
  • Establishment, merger and liquidation of foundations
  • Inventories (public inventory, inventory of an estate, inventory for tax purposes)

Marriage, partnership and family law

  • Marriage contracts (Participation in Acquired Property, Community of Property, Division of Property)
  • Partnership agreements
  • Property contracts in the registered partnership
  • Public inventory on assets of spouses

Corporation Law

  • Establishment of companies and foundations including partnership agreements, articles of association, incorporation reports etc.
  • Capital increases (ordinary, authorised and contingent capital increases)
  • Capital reductions
  • Amendment of companies and foundations, e.g. articles of association, capital, governing bodies etc.
  • Mergers, Demergers, Conversions, Transfers of assets and liabilities
  • Restructuring, Dissolutions of companies
  • Share purchase agreements
  • Start-ups consultancy


  • Legalisastions of signatures, copies and translations
  • Contracts of surety
  • Declaration in lieu of oath
  • Drawings
  • Lifetime maintenance agreements
  • Bill and cheque
  • Notarisation of acts and states
  • Contracts on joint ownership in individual shares