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Awarded in the fields of
• construction and planning law
• real estate law
• energy and environmental law
• inheritance and estate law


Optimal preparation for the bar exam


Hofstetter Advokatur & Notariat AG educates two to three interns with excellent qualifications at the same time during a nine month internship for the law exam of Lucerne. You work closely with Attorneys at Law ant Notaries, forensic as well as consultatively.

Are you interested in an internship from March 2025?

Please send us your application per email including your curriculum vitae, academic reports, case studies, term papers (graded).

Your contact:
Hofstetter Advokatur & Notariat AG
Mr Denis Hofstetter, Managing Director
+41 41 410 09 09 ¦ denis.hofstetter@hofstetteradvokatur.ch