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Awarded in the fields of
• construction and planning law
• real estate law
• energy and environmental law
• inheritance and estate law

Far and wide

Loyalty, individual advice and personal support.

Hofstetter Advokatur & Notariat AG supports and advises listed companies as well as small family businesses in questions on establishment, management and restructuring of associations.

Corporation Law

  • Establishment of companies (public limited companies, limited liability companies, etc.) incl. shareholders' agreements, articles of association, contribution-in-kind agreements, formation reports, etc.
  • Establishment of foundations (e.g. pension fund foundation)
  • Capital increases (ordinary, authorised and contingent capital increases)
  • Capital reductions
  • Mergers, Demergers, Conversions and Transfers of assets and liabilities
  • Amendment of companies and foundations, e.g. articles of association, capital, governing bodies etc.
  • Restructuring and Dissolutions of companies
  • Share purchase agreements
  • Start-up consultancy