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Awarded in the fields of
• building and planning law
• energy and environmental law
• real estate law

Excellence in (real) estate matters

Hofstetter Advokatur & Notariat AG for construction and planning law, inheritance law and SBA specialist lawyer in construction and real estate law.

Hofstetter Advokatur & Notariat AG in Lucerne is a leading law firm in the fields of construction and planning law, estate and inheritance law, real estate law as well as energy and environmental law (s. BILANZ, "The best lawyers 2020" und BILANZ, "The best lawyers 2019").

Our recognised lawyers and notary provide advice for private individuals, communities, SMEs as well as national companies and international corporations throughout Switzerland.

For the drawing up of public deeds and all other notarial services, our notaries are at your disposal.

Since 1987 we have been specialising in public and private construction law, planning law, real estate law, procurement law, compulsory purchase law and environmental law. Thanks to our know-how and a network of proven tax experts and investment advisors, we can offer you tailor-made estate planning and advice on corporate succession at the highest level, also in an international context. In addition, we can provide you with comprehensive advice on relocation to Switzerland.

Personnel |

We are pleased to welcome MLaw Silvan Lötscher, Lawyer and BLaw Corinne Räber .

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New blog post by MLaw Alicia Unternährer on the new building density which will soon have to be taken into account by Lucerne builders across the canton: Blog article

Decision |

We represent our clients decidedly up to the Federal Supreme Court - also in stock corporation law (BGer 4A_188/2020 of 3 September 2020).

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What do you, as a company/property owner, have to consider in the area of influence of the bypass if you have to cede land or if you are otherwise affected by the project? New blog post by Urs Hofstetter-Arnet ...

Personnel |

We are pleased to welcome MLaw Basil Arnold , Attorney at Law and Notary in our team.

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Hofstetter Advokatur & Notariat was once again distinguished as a top law firm 2020 in the BILANZ and Le Temps ranking.

Our law firm ranks 2nd in building and planning law and 4th in energy and environmental...


21 municipalities in the canton of Lucerne must reduce their building zones. How can you, as a person affected, defend yourself against re-zoning (zoning out)? Will compensation be paid? New blog post (click...

Interview |

Urs Hofstetter-Arnet in an interview with Tele 1 AG, a television station in Central Switzerland, on the planned expropriation for the road around Lake Baldegg. You can see the whole article here

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We are happy to welcome Ivana Vukotic and Raphael Villiger in our team.

Conference |

According to recent case law of the Federal Supreme Court, the assignment of defect rights to common components to the floor owner is indispensable, but this does not make the matter any less complex (pro...

Congress |

Urs Hofstetter-Arnet received the latest facts from the financial and real estate industry at the Swiss Finance and Real Estate Congress of IAZI AG / CIFI SA at the Hotel Bellevue Palace Bern. #trends...

Forum |

Outstanding Schulthess Forum Inheritance Law 2019 on the topic of Estate Planning in Transition - Challenges for the Practice under the direction of Dr. iur. Kinga M. Weiss, thanks Schulthess Juristische Medien...

Innovation |

Digitalization in the construction process: Thank you Lukas Desserich, CEO and Frank Arnet, CFO/Associate CEO of IDC AG for the Life Arena 2019 at the Lucerne Trade Fair Event Location, Urs Hofstetter-Arnet and...

Decision |

The Federal Supreme Court approves an appeal by Urs Hofstetter-Arnet against the expropriation of a right of way (BGer 1C_409/2018 of 23 July 2019; click here). It confirms a lack of public interest in the...

Decision |

The Federal Supreme Court confirms the legal opinion of Urs Urs Hofstetter-Arnet and Domino Hofstetter that there is a close spatial and functional connection between a new cinema building and an existing...

Publication |

In the SJZ 115/2019, the authors examine the question of the extent to which an easement burdened person can delete a private building restriction for consolidation purposes if there is a legal basis in public...

Award |

Hofstetter Advokatur & Notariat was awarded as Top Law Firm 2019 in the Bilanz ranking (klick here for further information).

Our law firm is ranked 2nd in building and planning law and 3rd in inheritance and...

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Domino Hofstetter informs about the entry into force of important regulations for builders and architects concerning building terms and measruement values (blog post).

Presentation |

Workshop by Domino Hofstetter "Facts about the planning and construction law, the swiss code of obligations and the lease and hunting law", Scouts Forum 2018, Scouts Lucerne dated 20 October 2018

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Construction, Planning and environmental law, Problems of ownership – in particular when redrawing the boundaries of construction zones (compensation for material compulsory purchase), seminar for legal...

Presentation |

Law for scouts, Workshop Scouts Forum, Scouts Lucerne dated 21 October 2017 (speaker: Domino Hofstetter)

Publication |

Swiss Civil Code - Property law and land register regulation, Working and Learning edition, Zurich/Basel/Geneva 2017 (Domino Hofstetter/Anita Hüsler; Tina Huber-Purtschert/Eva Maissen (ed.))

Decision |

Hofstetter Advokatur & Notariat again successful at the court Federal Supreme Court

Staatsrechte, Verwaltungsrechte in der Schweiz: Anwalt Hofstetter in Luzern ist Ansprechpartner in Rechtsfragen.
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The Federal Supreme Court has again endorsed an appeal of Hofstetter Advokatur & Notariat against the planned new building of the Obwalden Cantonal Banc in the historical town center of Sarnen. For more...

lecture |

The new second home law - initial experiences from practice - from a lawyers perspective, afternoon conference of the law faculty of the universtity of lucerne dated 26 August 2016 (speaker: Urs...