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Awarded in the fields of
• construction and planning law
• real estate law
• energy and environmental law
• inheritance and estate law

Far and wide

Specialists in planning and construction, real estate and the environment.

Hofstetter Advokatur & Notariat AG, Certiefied Specialists SBA Construction and Real Estate Law, concentrates on private and public construction law and real estate law. We advise and act for clients on the following.

Real Estate Law

  • Transfer of land ownership by purchase, donation, exchange
  • Contracts on pre-emption, purchase and repurchase
  • Preliminary agreements
  • Settlement switzerland
  • Division of property and consolidation of parcels of land
  • Establishment of co-ownership including regulations
  • Establishment of condominium ownership including rules governing administration and use
  • Contracts on usufructs and rights of residence
  • Contracts on buildings rights
  • Easement agreements, such as agreements on boundaries-buildingrights, on rights of way, on pipes, cables and conduits for water, gas, electricity, on sourcing rights
  • Agreements on real burdens
  • Pledge agreements (mortgage, register mortgage certificates and mortgage certificates on paper)
  • Applications for annulment of charges on property (applicable annulment procedure)
  • Applications for approval of property purchases by persons outside Switzerland (Lex Koller)
  • Applications for approval of agricultural land purchases (BGBB)
  • Real estate transactions (structuring and transfer of property portfolios)
  • Land register law
  • Neighbour law
  • Profit-sharing right, leasehold law
  • Formation of public limited companies for agricultural businesses

Law on contracts for work and services, mandate law, purchase law

  • Contractor Agreements and Constortium agreements (agreements between construction companies and joint venture groups)
  • Construction defects and repairs, assertion of or defence against claims for warranty and compensation
  • Building contractor’s charge
  • Additional claims arising from contract for work or services
  • Designer/planner claims arising from contracts for work and services and agency contracts
  • Rental contracts and threir entry in the land register

Reports and expert opinions, involvement in courts of arbitration