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Awarded in the fields of
• building and planning law
• real estate law
• inheritance and estate law
• energy and environmental law

Far and wide

Precautionary strategies throughout all phases of life

Hofstetter Advokatur & Notariat is strongly about offering comprehensive pensions solutions and estate planning taking into account matrimonial, succession, corporate and fiscal aspects as well as your personal wishes.

Marital Law and familiy law

  • Marriage contracts (Participation in acquired property, community of property, division of property)
  • Property agreement in Registered Partnership
  • Cohabitation Agreements
  • Public inventory on assets of spouses and cohabiting partners

Inheritance law

  • Estate Planning including company succession and residence planning (national and international)
  • Contracts of inheritance, renunciation agreements, contracts regarding compensation in lieu of a future inheritance and last wills as well as their execution
  • Contracts of division of estates
  • Execution of wills
  • Establishment, merger and liquidation of foundations
  • Inventories (public inventory, inventory of an estate, inventory for tax purposes)

Advanced care directives and patient's provisions

  • Advanced care directives
  • patient's provisions
  • general power of attorney