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Build compacted - eliminate easements

At the EspaceSuisse Central Switzerland Special Board on May 6, 2022, Domino Hofstetter, Certified Specialist SBA Construction and Real Estate Law, spoke on the topic of "Building densely - eliminating easements". She showed how developers can have private building restrictions, such as building height restrictions for densification purposes, removed by expropriation. This ensures that plots of land can be built on in a densified manner in accordance with the building regulations under public law, which is in line with the principles of internal densification under the RPG. For further information, please refer to the article in the Schweizerische Juristenzeitung: "Verdichtet bauen – Dienstbarkeiten beseitigen, Löschung von privatrechtlichen Baubeschränkungen nach öffentlichem Recht", in: SJZ 115/2019, 335 ff. (Urs Hofstetter-Arnet/Domino Hofstetter/Stefan Mundhaas)